Farmhouse Refurbishment

A recent completion of a rebuilt porch, and full bathroom refurbishment.


Built around 1780 this project posed immediate problems where modern building techniques intertwined with traditional brick and beam design. Initially the sloping bathroom floor, caused by two centuries of movement and shrinkage had dropped 75mm from one side to the external wall. The previously fitted bathroom had to be wedged to level the sanitaryware etc. We cut furrings and wedges and fitted a new, level floor after stripping out and removing the old lath and plaster ceiling to gain headroom by fixing new ceiling joists. The result enabled modern insulation techniques to be incorporated into the project without encroaching on the aesthetic appeal of the room. The result was a stunning blend of traditional furniture, units incorporating direct hot water supply to feed wonderful bathroom experience with the new amenities and appliances for our clients. Not only has it become the warmest room, tested by ‘The Beast From The East’ it has embraced the traditional values of the old architecture without its disappearance. We are proud to contribute to this partnership with the skills of our tradesmen to combine history with modern technology for others to appreciate in the future.

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