Do you have a residential property that requires some work – either repairs or improvements? Or perhaps you have a commercial property that you are responsible for maintaining? Whatever your simple maintenance needs, we can help.


Highly experienced team

DMBR is a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals, with trades that cover a multitude of tasks – from simple maintenance to major renovations. We recognise that – with the responsibility of managing a property  – there will be a number of small tasks that crop up, which you just don’t have the time to do yourself. Therefore, there is no task too small for our friendly team of tradespeople. You can count on us to attend to a broad range of simple maintenance tasks, including painting and decorating, repairs to roofing, plastering, plumbing and electrical jobs.


Don’t leave a problem unattended

Simple maintenance tasks are a part of property ownership, and various things can crop up frequently that require your attention. The good news is that many simple maintenance tasks can be quick, easy and inexpensive to fix if they are dealt with straight away. However, if they are put off or delayed, they can turn into bigger problems that can be more costly and time-consuming to put right. We know it can be daunting when confronted with maintenance tasks that you’re unsure how to handle yourself. That’s why we aim to quickly and efficiently solve a wide range of problems so that you can enjoy peace of mind.


Cost-effective service

We believe in charging a fair price for simple maintenance services, which is why we cost our jobs competitively. Furthermore, through using our professionals for your home or office repairs, you will benefit from years’ of building and repair experience.


Fast call-out times and a broad network of tradespeople

We are aware that sometimes our customers require their simple maintenance tasks to be carried out quickly – for example, you may be a landlord or his agent responding to a tenant’s request for repairs, or you may be required to fix a problem that is potentially unsafe. That is why we offer a fast call-out service for most simple maintenance tasks. We benefit from having access to a broad network of people that can help, so there’s a good chance we’ll be able to fix your simple maintenance issue with minimal waiting times.


We’re available for one-off requests, but we can also work with you to help maintain your house or office space on an ongoing basis, taking the hassle away from you. So give us a call today at DMBR to find out how we can help you with the maintenance of your property.