Restoring any property to a high standard takes great care, knowledge and precision. For a listed property, there are many extra considerations. Listed properties are given their status as cherished pieces of British history, and therefore need to be preserved accordingly. We specialise in the restoration of period properties, and have worked with many Grade I and Grade II listed homes and other buildings.


Unlike with non-listed buildings, there are various restrictions on restoring a listed building. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative and put your own stamp on them; it just means that you’ll need to ensure certain original features are retained and revived. This can apply to the external façade as well as the structure of the building and even some internal features.


Restoration is preservation

Preserving the unique historic representation and character of a listed building is a skill that can only be mastered by professionals, and will need expert care throughout the process. Listed properties will require specific materials that are in keeping with the original building, and will need to be altered in accordance with strict planning criteria.


Turning old buildings into modern homes

While you can’t alter many aspects of a listed building, you can restore them so that they are fit for modern life. Our team of experts will ensure that your building is painstakingly restored and preserved, while ensuring that the right adaptations are made to equip it for 21st Century living. We can work with you to determine any adjustments to the floor plan, room layouts and materials, balancing the needs of British history with that of day-to-day life within a listed building.



Any adaptions you make to the interior of a listed building will require listed building consent. This is given by your local council’s conservation officer, and can seemingly pose setbacks for your overall vision. However, it is possible to negotiate the work you plan to do, if you are prepared for a little back and forth. We have been working with local councils for many years, and can help you to propose designs that are likely to be approved from the offset. We know the types of adjustments that are likely to be approved depending on the building type, and can work with utmost precision to ensure they are adhered to throughout the project.


Peace of mind

We know that taking on the restoration of a listed property is a daunting prospect. That’s why our team will work to put your mind at ease throughout the project. We call on the expertise of a range of skilled craftspeople, such as joiners, plasterers, builders and designers – all of whom are highly experienced in listed property renovation. So get in touch today to discuss your project.