In 2019, it was revealed that one in six schools in England required urgent repairs. That’s more than 4,000 educational buildings – identified by qualified surveyors – to be in need of immediate restoration. Damaged schools can present a great danger to pupils and teachers, and therefore the cost of ignoring the need for repairs could be grave. We have a highly experienced team of experts that have worked with numerous schools in the United Kingdom to restore them to their former glory.


Minimising disruption

We recognise that it can be extremely difficult for schools to allow for repair work, as serious restoration projects are likely to cause disruption to educational programmes. However, there are many renovations that can be carried out over school holidays, and our team of experienced builders know the importance of working to these timescales where possible. Upon receiving your first request, we can work with you to go through the restorations that need to be carried out, to help work out a realistic timeline of works that will minimise disruption to pupils and maintain a safe working environment for everyone.


Building types

Schools and educational establishments come in many different shapes and sizes; some have been purpose-built, and others are housed within historical listed buildings. The type of building it is, the era it was built, and the materials used will all form an important part of your restoration project, and will determine the project timeframe and types of professionals we’ll need to involve. We have many years’ experience in working with many types of school buildings – from modern to period to protected – and have a broad team of experts that we can scope into any project.


Our repair and restoration expertise spans all types of structural and building materials. This means that we are able to deliver highly tailored solutions depending on your needs. This also means that we’re able to carry out an entire renovation of the inside and outside of the building, keeping your school in top shape and looking as good as new.


Transform your site

We specialise in renovating and restoring everything within your school, including roofing, walls, external facades, cladding, metal structures and architectural services. We can also offer design services such as floor planning and wayfinding, to help you completely transform your school or educational site. Our team of experts can also offer a range of decorating services, such as paint stripping, plastering and painting, to the highest of standards.


So if you are looking to carry out renovation or restoration works to your school or educational site, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today to find out how we can help you transform your space.