Is your company future-proof with electronic technology and mechanical design? Will you blend old technology with the latest green issues facing many housholders and would-be property investors?

Good question! We are in the initial stages of a sustainable energy boom where research and cutting edge innovations are outstripping the staple energy sources like gas, oil and other fossil fuels like coal. To remain in step with this science we are keeping a close eye on the options available for new projects. Watch this space!

Do you only entertain medium to large projects?

No – we have replaced panes of glass to a staircase recently and are certainly not too complacent to ignore the grass roots of our business. A client is a client. We have fixed a tap for the neighbour of a client – only to discover that ten years on – we have completely overhauled the exterior of this neighbour/ client’s beautifully built period property in this time.


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